16-year-old girl maimed by shark while jet skiing in Australia

Victim Stella Berry (TikTok)

A teenager who died after a shark attack in Australia has been photographed for the first time.

Stella Berry, 16, was jet skiing when she jumped into Perth’s Swan River to swim near dolphins on Saturday afternoon.

But her friends watched in horror as a shark attacked her moments later.

Ms Berry was pulled from the river near the Fremantle Traffic Bridge after sustaining serious leg injuries.

Emergency personnel provided medical assistance, but the teenager tragically died.

Stella Berry (Tik Tok)

Stella Berry (Tik Tok)

Ms Berry’s parents paid tribute to their “vibrant and happy” daughter in a moving public statement.

“Stella was a vibrant and happy girl with plans to live in Europe after school. She was a loving person and a dear friend to many, at a variety of schools in the area,” said her parents, Sophie and Matt.

“She had an infectious laugh… Stella loved creating art and spending time with her friends, especially at the river and the beach.”

Several of Ms Berry’s friends gathered on the riverbank in north Fremantle on Sunday to pay tribute to her.

One of her friends, Lara Connolly, told ABC News that she was the “sweetest, smartest girl I knew.”

“She never did anything wrong to anyone,” Connolly said.

“She was very kind. She loved art ”.

Acting Inspector Paul Robinson said the victim had been riding jet skis with friends when she decided to go into the water.

“Possibly a pod of dolphins was seen nearby and the young female jumped into the water to swim near the dolphins,” he said.

“Family was not there when this happened, however his friends were and as you can imagine this is an extremely traumatic incident for anyone who witnesses it so obviously we are offering counseling services to anyone who has witnessed it or who is affected by the incident.”

He said the Fisheries Department had informed him that it was unusual for a shark to be so far down the river, which flows through Perth into the Indian Ocean.

“I have spoken to the fisheries and aquatic police and unfortunately we have no idea what kind of shark it is,” Robinson said.

Eyewitness Joshua Banks told News Corp: “We saw them get off the jet skis near the beach and jump up and swim to shore quickly.”

There have been three shark attacks in the Swan River in 50 years, but the first death in 100 years.

There were 15 shark attacks in Australia in 2022 with one fatality.

Shark attacks in Australia are relatively rare, averaging 12.5 incidents a year over the past decade. Deaths have declined since the 1990s.

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