Governor Lula wants to transform the military into a second-class city, says Mourão

BRASÍLIA, DF (FOLHAPRESS) – Senator Hamilton Mourão (Republicans-RS) affirms that a proposal by Governor Lula to remove the military from active political posts treats them as “second-class citizens”, and that the idea of ​​ending with GLO operations (Garantia da Lei e da Ordem) “é só para tacar fire no parquinho”.

“If you have a person within the Army, Navy or Air Force with specific competence for a position, are you going to stop using that server that we, a nation, trained, got the means to study and improve? ‘No, eu I will leave this face here, it is only useful to go to war'”, he told Folha.

The opposition to the governor of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), or former Vice President of the Republic, affirms that he was not elected to “liberate gastança” and that two presents that he won when he was there were not charged only with “boné” and ” take it out”.

Mourão still says that Jair Bolsonaro (PL) was burned or asked to appoint the promotion of former Federal Revenue Secretary Julio Cesar Vieira Gomes (involved in the case of Saudi jewels and investigated for alleged pressure to ease the punishment of the person responsible for stealing dice of defiance of the ex-president) and José de Assis Ferraz Neto, ex-undersecretary-general.


Folha – O what or mr. Will you prioritize this start of mandate?

Hamilton Mourão – During a campaign, I said that I had two big arrows where I would focus my work. One linked to the economic development, which is the one of the major reforms that the country needs — it will be working on tax reform, on the question of administrative reform, or support for agribusiness. E tem o eixo social, que é una trilogía de saúde, educação e segurança.

Folha-O mr. Do I also support a new fiscal framework?

Hamilton Mourão – Or how willing are you to contribute to the government’s guidelines? The reality is the following: the fiscal anchor that we fear today, that it is the cost of expenses, in my opinion, was proven to be unsuccessful. More successful or its effect, which was to contain the expansion of two public expenses after, let’s say, festival that was the second governor of President Lula and Governor Dilma [Rousseff]. Then she freou this expansion, more […] or the government ficou without investing conditions. The investment level fell to the lowest point. Then a new anchor is necessary.

Folha – Então or mr. I will help the governor. Since it’s something exequivel, né?

Hamilton Mourão – I’m not here to release a gastança.

Folha-O mr. I affirm that, regardless of the jewels, corda will probably repent on the weaker side. Or what or mr. do you want to say?

Hamilton Mourão – I am following this case here that I see being published in print because I was never aware of this situation while I was vice-president. Você tem em thesee or transport of a material that was a present for the President of the Republic and his wife that could have been made by a bad diplomat, in other ways. If someone transported it in a way that was not correct, that person will end up paying.

Folha – Are you former Minister Bento Albuquerque? oh mr Or do you see the weaker side?

Hamilton Mourão – I don’t know. Minister Bento is not a child of childhood, is he? I have lent a deposit to the Federal Police, which I am not sure about or fear. I believe the character of Minister Bento and he does not intend to do anything that is illegal.

Folha – Após esse escândalo, or mr. Did he ask himself about something that he received when he was vice?

Hamilton Mourão – No, because everything that I received was bone, take it out. Then foram the presents that I received. Those who were present, let’s say like this, of greater value, eu deixei no acervo da Vice-Presidência. I have a deposit and there is no deposit.

Folha – Então when or mr. It says that the rope will break on the weaker side, or mr. acha that Bolsonaro manages to explain himself?

Hamilton Mourão – Eu acho that calmly, pô. I’m sorry that it’s a simple thing. O TCU has a five-day deadline. part of them [das joias] It is at the Federal Revenue Service, at the Guarulhos airport. He only remembers and sends for the Presidency’s heritage. That other pacote that was designated as president, hand it over and finish it off. Morre or affair.

Folha – The Senate has promised to move forward on the case of the jewels and Abin. like or mr. pretend to position?

Hamilton Mourão – In the case of jewelry, I have nothing to do with it being there. I don’t have to position myself respectfully.

Folha – Question of the Legislative point of view.

Hamilton Mourão – Isso is a waste of time and I am not selling anyone wanting to breed CPI for isso. I know that there is a request for information. About this question about the telephone monitoring system, for me it is also a role, a silly piece is there.

Folha – No day December 30, or mr. Assigned to the nomination of chefs da Receita for embaixadas. Was it a request from Bolsonaro?

Hamilton Mourão – The president asked me. The president, going to the airport, sent me a message saying that they have decrees –além desses have others linked to the economic area–, for him to kill you. E eu, by loyalty and duty of office, assim or fiz. Eu was president em exercício, he competed with me. Now, if it had been agreed, if it hadn’t, it wasn’t a question that I should put up for discussion.

Folha – Two servers are also being investigated for their alleged action to ease the punishment of those responsible for devasting secret information about Bolsonaro’s challenges. oh mr Do you see the relationship between this case and the names?

Hamilton Mourão – No… Or that the old man was like a prize, né? When you send a public servant to the forums of the country, it is a prize. In the first place, because you are happy to live outside of Brazil, fulfilling a mission for the country is something that exalts your role as a server. Secondly, because there is a good pecuniary difference, right? Isso é bom for a family. So I saw as a prize, nothing more than isso. From someone who rendered a service to the nation.

Folha – More or mr. Acha that they are awarded for this devassa na Receita?

Hamilton Mourão – I am glad you have been awarded for the work you have done throughout the term of President Bolsonaro. I tied because this devassa people don’t know if it really happened.

Folha – The PT wants to move the article 142 of the Constitution to end the GLO. Or what or mr. acha?

Hamilton Mourão – The constitutional mission is clear. A Garantia da Lei e da Ordem é at the initiative of any one of two constituted Powers. Then withdraw, I will not change anything because there is no other trained force. Don’t start dreaming about the national guard, like I know what, because it’s never going to come out of the paper. As é eu vou dizer te, é só para tacar fire no parquinho. Nothing more than disso.

Folha – The government prepares a PEC to promote active military personnel in political positions. Or what acha gives proposal?

Hamilton Mourão – Na realidade, she wants to treat the military as second category cities. The legislation is very clear: if the soldier is going to run for an elective position, he will have to join a political party […] and enter license [na Força].

‘Ah, the active military man cannot hold a government position.’ Why can’t you? If you have a person within the Army, Navy or Air Force with specific competence for a position, are you going to stop using that server that we, as a nation, trained, got the means to study and improve? ‘No, I’m going to leave that face here, it’s only good enough to go to war.’

Folha – Mas é también uma reação internal, das próprias Forças.

Hamilton Mourão – No. As Forces, that I knew, are not concerned with being there.

Folha – O Estatuto dos Militares says that the military must ‘abster-se, na inatividade, do use das designações hierárquicas em actividades politico-partisanas’, mas o sr. he continues to introduce himself as General Mourão.

Hamilton Mourão – No. O my name in the Senate, which one?

Folha – Nas suas redes sociais is ‘General Mourão’.

Hamilton Mourão – My name in the Senate is Hamilton Mourão, and it was with that name that I met. It was not with the name of General Mourão.

Folha – Mas nas redes sociais remain as ‘General Mourão’.

Hamilton Mourão – It’s that story: general eu semper serei. And the article is very clear: he does not forbid, he says that ‘he must abstain’. It was forbidden, no one could use it. It is a question of ethical background and, within my professional ethics, when I became a candidate, I took the name ‘general’.

Folha – What balance or mr. What is the participation of Governor Bolsonaro’s military?

Hamilton Mourão – The soldiers who were called by President Bolsonaro to compor the governor, in his immense majority, were a reserve. Things always fall on top of the Army personnel. Oh Minister Bento [Albuquerque] He was Minister of Mines and Energy when he was an admiral of the active and he was never mentioned because he is from the Navy. He passes unnoticed. Agora, oh [Luiz Eduardo] bouquets, oh [Eduardo] Pazuello, this tour was summoned quase daily, and because it was from the Army.

Folha – Why or mr. acha que lembram semper do Ejército?

Hamilton Mourão – The army is the big army, right? The army that covers the whole world, that is present in all the songs of the country. Marinha is highly concentrated in Rio de Janeiro and in some other capitals. The Air Force is further behind, but its humanitarian missions appear.

Folha – Então or mr. Is that not linked to an image crisis of the Army or to 1964?

Hamilton Mourão – No. I am glad that the Army is not afraid of being loved or loved. The Army fears to be feared. It is for this that he exists.

Folha – Feared internally?

Hamilton Mourão – Internal is respect; external, feared

Folha – The leader of the PT in the Senate, Jaques Wagner (BA), told Folha that the two soldiers resisting Lula see brainwashing done by Lava Jato. oh mr do you see anything parallel?

Hamilton Mourão – I disagree with my dear friend, Senator Jaques Wagner. This is very clear: President Lula was tried and sentenced for corruption in three instances. deposit, [a condenação] It was untimely because the judging shouldn’t have started in Curitiba, but in Brasilia. He was tried and sentenced, no one can go under the mat.

Folha – Havia también suspeição sobre quem o julgou.

Hamilton Mourao-O [Sergio] More was suspicious? And the three judges of TRF-4? Are the five judges of STJ? Everyone could tell you ‘no, this process does not proceed’. So he wasn’t just a man. The reality is only one.

Folha – One of the two main facts that linked the lava-jatismo to the Armed Forces is the tweet of ex-commander Villas Bôas on the eve of Lula’s judging the STF. oh mr oh, what was appropriate?

Hamilton Mourão – I’m glad it was. It was simply an alert from the commander of the Army. Or did STF feel pressured? If he felt pressured, he would feel pressured ad aeternum [para sempre].

Folha – Um alert para quê?

Hamilton Mourão – An alert for a real fact of a person who has actually been sentenced.


Hamilton Mourão, 70, is a senator from Rio Grande do Sul, General of the Army Reserve and former Vice President of the Republic of Governor Bolsonaro. He attended the Agulhas Negras Military Academy, an army officer training school, and was a military commander in the South.

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