Julia Fox defies low temperatures with a revealing double denim

julia fox cowboy

Julia Fox stepped out in a revealing denim look ahead of New York Fashion Week. (fake images)

Julia Fox has become somewhat known for her unusual and “quirky” outfits, and her latest double jean look is no exception.

The 33-year-old actress appeared in New York City on Tuesday in a revealing denim outfit that showed off her toned figure and revealed a significant amount of side breasts.

Heading to a pre-fashion week event in the city, the Uncut Gems star wore a one-of-a-kind denim dress that appeared to be made entirely of multiple waistbands from various denim jeans sewn together.

Julia Fox is seen out and about in New York City.

Julia Fox braved the frigid temperatures in the revealing denim number on Tuesday. (fake images)

Vertically attached denim waistbands extended to a one-shoulder graduated style at the front, but the side was where the ensemble became most revealing.

The waistbands slid around Fox’s hips, but left the side of the chest and legs completely exposed, which, given today’s freezing New York temperatures, is a pretty gutsy outfit.

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Fox doubled down on denim with high-heeled denim booties, a denim tote, and an oversized denim puffer jacket, styled loosely over the shoulders.

julia fox cowboy

Julia Fox in matching denim with ex Kanye West (L) and in Los Angeles Last Year ®. (fake images)

The actress-model slicked her hair back and wore her trademark thick eyeshadow for a night out on the town.

Fox isn’t afraid to experiment with unusual styles and outfits, particularly leaning towards denim ensembles.

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She stepped out in a matching tapered jean jacket with her then-boyfriend Kanye West, who also rocked a double jean look, at Paris Fashion Week in 2022, and was later seen wearing just a set of underwear, paired with a denim blazer and jean boots while in Los Angeles last year.

Fox has spoken about her bold sense of style in the past, revealing that she believes confidence is key when it comes to “providing” a “visual service” to audiences with her edgy appearance.

“I think I’m just not afraid, I don’t worry, I do what I feel like doing and I don’t care if society thinks it’s normal or not,” Fox told People.

“If I think it’s great, then it’s great.”

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