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Residents who live next to a huge sewer pipe say they are woken up by the sounds of POOS being removed.

Residents who live next to a massive sewer pipe that was built in front of their front door say they were woken up by the sound of POOS being spewed out. The above ground pipeline meanders around Bovis Homes’ Wendelburie Rise development in Wellingborough, Northants. It was installed last November as Anglian Water repaired an underground pipe following a spate of complaints about bad odours. The water company handed out baskets of food to the locals as an apology for the inconvenience and assured them that the new pipe would be temporary. Anglian Water estimated the work would be completed next month, but residents fear they will be living with the “poop pipe” out in the open until summer. Fed up locals say they wake up to the sound of poop being washed away at night, while others call it an “eyesore.” Firefighter Craig Rollason, 32, lives across the street from the pipe with his wife Katie, 30, and his newborn son Harris. He said: “When the pipe opened, Anglian Water gave us all a basket and told us it would be fixed in March. “Due to the freezing weather last month, we have now been advised that it may not be removed until May or June. “Before the work started, it was really smelly because of the damaged plumbing. “We’re glad it got fixed, but it’s been going on for a while. “The pipeline is a real eyesore and a hazard for us crossing the street because you have to enter the street and cars can go up pretty fast. “It can be quite scary to cross the street when you have a newborn baby with you.” Another resident raged: “It’s ridiculous to have to live like this. It makes me nauseated to think of all the poop floating in front of my front door. “It was bad enough when we were told it would be in place until March, but now we are seeing that the poop pipe from the pavement will be there until the summer. “It doesn’t smell anymore because it’s winter, but what if there’s another heat wave? It will be unbearable. Tim Buckley, 31, and his girlfriend Beth South, 27, say they can hear sewage coming out of the pipe outside their kitchen window. Tim, a digital marketing coordinator, said: “It’s not too bad during the day because all the construction work drowns out the pipe noise, but at night it’s quite loud. “You can hear the water and debris being discharged into the pipe. It’s not a particularly nice thing to have to listen to when you’re trying to wind down at night. “The pipe completely blocks our view from the house. We understand why it was put, but now we are fed up. “The basket we received from Anglian Water before Christmas was a nice gesture, but the longer the situation lasts, the emptier that gesture becomes.” Another resident added: “My wife is a light sleeper and is often woken up by noises coming from the pipes. “It would be nice not to be woken up by the sounds of human effluent running past your front door.” Anglian Water says repairing the underground pipeline is a “complex” operation. Despite this, the firm says it is confident the repairs will be completed by the end of next month. A spokesperson said: “Our crews continue to work on the damaged sewer pipe in Ise Valley in Wellingborough. “The advanced monitoring system we use detected the network leak in early December, and the rapid response and expert engineering of our teams has meant that we have kept services running without interruption for our customers ever since, and protected the environment. environment, to the installation of temporary surface piping. “The engineering solution to repair the pipeline is complex, due to its position and depth underground. “We plan to rehabilitate the existing pipeline using a method called sewer lining. “The innovative technology means that we will install a new heavy-duty lining on the inside of the pipeline, essentially a ‘pipe within a pipe’, allowing us to minimize further disruption to local residents and ensure the integrity of the pipelines for years to come. . . “We anticipate that the work will be completed by the end of March. “We have been in close contact with all the local residents throughout the process and we know that this work has been very detrimental to them; we sorry. “We would like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding – keeping your facility running and protecting the environment is our top priority. “You can be sure that we will continue to work with them and Bovis Homes until the repair is complete and everything is back to normal.”

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