Lindsay Clancy was overmedicated with a variety of prescription drugs when she killed children, a lawyer claims

Patrick Clancy, Lindsay Clancy’s husband, is pictured with the couple’s three children (GoFundMe)

The Massachusetts nurse accused of killing her three young children was taking an “absolutely staggering” amount of prescription drugs that turned her into a “zombie,” her lawyer has claimed.

Lindsay Clancy, 32, is accused of strangling her children: Cora, 5; Dawsons, 3; and seven-month-old Callan, before attempting suicide.

Attorney Kevin Reddington said the boston herald that Mrs. Clancy was “an amazing mother” who had been trapped in a “living hell” of medication.

Mr Reddington also told the publication that a toxicologist had already examined the “incredible” number of medications he claimed Ms Clancy was taking at the time of the shocking incident.

“It is absolutely amazing. He had homicidal and suicidal ideas,” Reddington said. “She was in hell and her husband did the best he could.”

Prosecutors say Ms Clancy killed her children as their father left his Duxbury home to pick up food on the night of January 24.

Ms Clancy is currently being treated at an unidentified hospital, where police say her condition is “improving”. She is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday at Plymouth District Court, where she will appear via Zoom.

“She was a very sweet and loving mother,” Mr. Reddington added, for The Herald. “There’s no question she was an amazing mom…she was well-liked by all the nurses she worked with at MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital) who said she always talked about their kids.”

Lindsay Clancy (WCVB)

Lindsay Clancy (WCVB)

Law enforcement officials have said they believed Ms Clancy attacked her children before jumping out of her home’s second-story window. She allegedly suffered from severe postpartum psychosis after giving birth to her youngest child.

Officers responding to the scene found Ms. Clancy and her children unconscious. Shortly thereafter, a warrant was issued for Ms. Clancy’s arrest on two counts of murder, three counts of strangulation, and three counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. It is possible that she will face more charges in the coming days.

Ms. Clancy, who grew up in Wallingford, Connecticut and has a degree from Quinnipiac University, worked as a labor and delivery nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Postpartum psychosis occurs in about 1 to 2 in every 1,000 deliveries, according to Postpartum Support International. Risk factors include a prior psychotic episode and a personal or family history of bipolar disorder.

Ms Clancy’s husband and father of the children, Patrick Clancy, wrote a heartbreaking letter to supporters last week asking people to understand the struggles his wife had faced.

“I want to ask all of you to deeply forgive Lindsay, as I have,” he wrote on a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $1 million for medical and legal expenses.

“The real Lindsay generously loved and cared for everyone: me, our children, family, friends and her patients,” Clancy added. “All I wish for her now is that she can somehow find peace.”

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