Love Island Winter 2023 Lineup: All Contestants Revealed

Love Island winter cast 2023.  (ITV)

Love Island winter 2023 cast. (ITV)

Love Island has welcomed a whole new group of singles to the village, this time in South Africa, for the second winter series.

The initial 10 contestants were revealed before the series launched, but the cast is constantly changing as bombs enter the village and bachelors leave.

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Who will follow summer winners Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Davide Sanclimenti to become series winners, crowned by new host Maya Jama?

All the contestants of Love Island winter 2023

tanya manhenga

Winter Love Island 2023: Tanya Manhenga.  (ITV)

Tanya Manhenga (ITV)

Age: 22

Of: Liverpool

Occupation: Biomedical sciences student and influencer

Tanya says she’s looking for a boyfriend, but guys with big feet, no stockings in the house, or bathes without bubbles disgust her.

She says, “I have vitiligo, which is a pigmentation of the skin, you may not even notice it. It’s on my lip and I have a parting in my hair. Not many people know that, but I think it’s pretty cute. I don’t they worry about hiding it all the time, I think it’s a vibe.”

kai fagan

Winter Love Island 2023: Kai Fagan.  (ITV)

Kai Fagan (ITV)

Age: 24

Of: Manchester

Occupation: Science and physical education teacher

Kai describes himself as laid back and caring, and as a Jamaican citizen, he has played rugby 7s for Jamaica. He now plays semi-professional rugby for Burnage RFC and says he has “technically won three different titles”.

He says, “I’m single by choice. I’m looking for the right girl. I feel like I have pretty high expectations. I don’t think I should commit to someone unless I’m absolutely into them, because it’s not fair to them.”

Lana Jenkins

Winter Love Island 2023: Lana Jenkins.  (ITV)

Lana Jenkins (ITV)

Age: 25

Of: luton

Occupation: makeup artist

Lana says that she has worked with many celebrities as a makeup artist and even had a brush with fame: when she was six years old and living in Spain, she was an extra in the sitcom Benidorm.

She says, “I don’t mind people texting me all the time, but if you send me question marks if I haven’t texted back in a while, you’re gone. That’s a big red flag for me! Too If I see a guy stumble, that’s an instant turnoff.”

rum room

Winter Love Island 2023: Ron Hall.  (ITV)

Ron Hall (ITV)

Age: 25

Of: essex

Occupation: Financial Advisor

Ron thinks he’s the most genuine person you’ll ever meet and says he’s a rarity as a nice guy.

He says: “Knowing me, you would never know I’m blind in one eye. It was the result of a football injury when I was eight – I went in for a head butt and got kicked in the face. I have two different colored eyes, one blue and one green.

“It adds to my character, there are so many people who are worse off than me. And if anything, losing something like that makes you realize that. It hasn’t deterred me in any way. It’s a good conversation starter, I have to admit.” .”

Anna-May Robey – DUMPED

Anna-May Robey (ITV)

Anna-May Robey (ITV)

Age: twenty

Of: swansea

Occupation: payroll administrator

Anna-May says that she is a chatterbox who finds it difficult to work from home, as she cannot talk as much as she would like, and is under pressure from her mother to find a boyfriend.

She says, “I went on a date once and never saw him again. We went to lunch and shared a bottle of wine. While I was talking to him, he fell asleep! I had to rattle his wine glass to wake him up.” “

will be young

Winter Love Island 2023: Will Young.  (ITV)

Winter Love Island 2023: Will Young. (ITV)

Age: 23

Of: buckinghamshire

Occupation: Farmer

Will is a farmer looking for a wife, who says he meditates every night and wants Sir David Attenborough to play him in a movie of his life.

He says: “Having grown up on a farm, it’s been quite difficult juggling relationships and work. Love Island will give me time away from the farm to get out there and find love. I think I’m at the point in my life where I am.” mature enough to go and find a wife.”

tanyel revan

Tanyel Revan (ITV)

Tanyel Revan (ITV)

Age: 26

Of: North London

Occupation: Stylist

Tanyel says that “pretty boys” gross her out, but a man who can dance is someone she will fall in love with immediately.

She says, “I’m hard to get, confident, funny, charismatic, pretty and happy. I’m also a very loyal person, what’s not to love?”

shaq muhammad

Winter Love Island 2023: Shaq Muhammad.  (ITV)

Winter Love Island 2023: Shaq Muhammad. (ITV)

Age: 24

Of: London

Occupation: airport security officer

Shaq is a hopeless romantic who wears his heart on his sleeve and has a soft spot for the movie Dear John.

He says, “I haven’t had the best luck with previous relationships. So I thought, why not get out in the sun and potentially meet the love of my life? Hopefully date my future wife. The person I hope to one day marry. Hopefully be in the village.”

Olivia Hawkins

Olivia Hawkins (ITV)

Olivia Hawkins (ITV)

Age: 27

Of: Brighton

Occupation: Ring girl and actress

Olivia is self-assured, bubbly, and has an exciting career, but at 27, she’s never been in a relationship.

She says: “I did a movie with Jason Statham and had a nice 10 minute chat about life. I’ve been a ring girl for KSI, played a waitress in James Bond with Daniel Craig and I’ve also been a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson”.

Haris Namani – DUMPED

Haris Namani (ITV)

Haris Namani (ITV)

Age: twenty-one

Of: Doncaster

Occupation: tv salesman

Haris has never found love and has never brought a girl home to meet her family, but she thinks all that could change with Love Island.

He says, “I’m different, I’m a unique guy, the way I act; confident, not awkward, especially with girls. I’m friendly, I’m very respectful too. Anyone who knows me, I don’t think they have anything bad to say.” about me. I don’t give them that bad impression of saying, ‘Oh, I don’t want to talk to him again.'”


The identities of the first two bombshells were revealed prior to the series’ launch and offered fans the chance to vote for who they wanted to go first.

Viewers chose Tom Clare, who was followed by other bombshells, including two former Australian Love Island stars.

Jordan Odofin

Jordan Odofin (ITV)

Jordan Odofin (ITV)

Age: 28

Of: London

Occupation: Senior HR Advisor

Jordan describes himself as fussy and “single by choice,” saying, “I need a girl who can put me in my place, so I’ve got my eye on all the strong women in town!”

Casey O’Gorman

Casey O'Gorman (ITV)

Casey O’Gorman (ITV)

Age: 26

Of: ring

Occupation: recruitment consultant

It seems Casey won’t be wasting any time at the villa, as he said, “I feel like now is the time to settle down and find a girlfriend. I’ve always said that I want to be married and have kids by then.” I’m 30. I’m 26, so we’re getting there!”

sami elishi

Samie Elishi (ITV)

Samie Elishi (ITV)

Age: 22

Of: London

Occupation: Senior coordinator of real estate agents

Describes herself as “an honest person with no filter,” Samie says, “All of my single friends are starting to settle down, so every time I suggest a girls’ trip, they all stay with their boyfriends. I want someone to be with. do that, too!”

Spencer Wilks – DUMPED

Spencer Wilks (ITV)

Spencer Wilks (ITV)

Age: 24

Of: bournemouth

Occupation: Ecommerce business owner

Spencer says he’s funny, caring, and cool, but he can easily offend because he has no filter.

He also has no time for disingenuousness, explaining, “I don’t like the word ‘yuck.’ like this and it gets under my skin. When a girl is catty, that’s just not a vibe to me.”

jessie winter

Jessie Wynter (ITV)

Jessie Wynter (ITV)

Age: 26

Of: sydney

Occupation: Personal trainer and influencer

“I’m single and have been for quite some time! I’m very lucky to live the life I lead, but it gets a little lonely. All my friends are settling down and it’s time for me to do the same.” .

“The last time I was in a relationship was in the Love Island Australia village, so let’s go!”

Aaron Waters – DUMPED

Aaron Waters (ITV)

Aaron Waters (ITV)

Age: 25

Of: melbourne

Occupation: Model and content creator

“When I was in the Love Island Australia village, I didn’t open myself up to other opportunities that I possibly could have had. This time around I want to test the waters by being open-minded and giving everyone a chance.

“In terms of my previous villa experience, I went in there wanting to be myself and I can really say that I felt comfortable with myself in every way, so I would never change it.”

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown – DUMPED

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown (ITV)

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown (ITV)

Age: 25

Of: London

Occupation: Real estate model and developer

“I’m very loyal, but that means sometimes I put others before myself. But this is Love Island, so I’m not going to go in there and let the girls take over because in the past I’ve said, ‘If you like him, you got it.’ I would make an amazing girlfriend, I’m understanding, caring, fun and sexy.”

David Salako – DUMPED

David Salako (ITV)

David Salako (ITV)

Age: 24

Of: essex

Occupation: money adviser

“Listen, there’s only one David Salako. Here we go. If you’re in a relationship with me, it’ll be nothing but good fun, vibes. I think I look good too…”

Ellie Spence

Ellie Spence (ITV)

Ellie Spence (ITV)

Age: 25

Of: Norwich

Occupation: Development Business Executive

Ellie says that she is “the total package… flirty, sassy, ​​and very confident.”

She added: “When I was drunk, I jumped the doors of my friend’s house, fell and almost lost my leg. I was in hospital for two weeks, but they stitched me up again. It left a big scar on my leg, but I’m so nonchalant about it, if I’m in a bikini you can’t miss it.”

Tom Clare

Tom Clare (ITV)

Tom Clare (ITV)

Age: 23

Of: barnsley

Occupation: semi-professional footballer

Tom says that he is friends with Robbie Savage, who is the manager of his football club, and is doing Love Island to find a wife.

But speaking of what grosses her out, she said: “‘Birthday makeup’ – you know when makeup is done professionally for an event and it’s just too much, like blue eyeshadow and stuff? Girls don’t need that.” .”

Love Island returns on January 16 at 9pm on ITV2.

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