Maju Coutinho says goodbye to Gloria Maria

Maju Coutinho at the wake for Gloria Maria. Photo: Yahoo Brazil/Cesar Alves/Globo

Summary of the news:

  • Maju Coutinho says goodbye to Gloria Maria in Rio de Janeiro

  • Jornalista, that morreu in this fifth fair (2) is evening in this sixth fair (3)

  • Presenter of “Fantástico” celebrates representativeness of the pioneer reporter

Maju Coutinho He was among the famous who are in the Penitência Cemetery and Crematorium, in Caju, North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, will say goodbye to Glory Maria, que morreu na quinta-feira (2), victim of brain metastasis. In conversation with journalists at the entrance of the wake held on the afternoon of this sixth fair (3), the presenter of “Fantástico” highlighted the representatives of the first black reporter of Brazilian television.

“If I am here, Gloria is not on my way. I only thank Gloria for her existence. I vim with a lament for death, but also with a celebration for her existence, which was of incredible pioneering and of great importance that I I don’t know how to measure it”, began. “Just celebrate this woman who breaks barriers and authorizes that people like her stay where she is and other generations will live”, complete.

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various glories

Questioned about the responsibility of following Gloria’s legacy in telejournalism, Maju pontuou as a journalist is the seed of so many other black reporters. “She is irreplaceable and I am glad that all of us who are on the track, like so many other black and black journalists, am glad that people are with this legacy, essentially, that she planted,” she reflected.

“We are fruits, heirs of Glory. It is not a substitution, that Glory came out and any of us entered. She opened the way for all of us. Isso that is more incredulous. We do not have only one Glory, only several Glories and several that will go arise. Want more significant existence? It is due to existence”, he completed.

or first hug

The detail is that Maju Coutinho keeps in memory the lembrança of the first time he was with Gloria Maria. “I feel like a hug. The first time I met him, I was hugged so strongly. I started to cry and I recorded this hug. The photo shows that,” he said.

“I wish that I have this lembrança of a hug that seems… I can’t explain it. It’s a hug that I embrace and gives me the strength to continue. Exist and resist. This is the message that she left for me,” he concluded by highlighting the journalist as a reference.

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