PF goes to Yanomami land to investigate complaint of three deaths of indigenous people by garimpeiros

MANAUS, AM (FOLHAPRESS) – The PF (Federal Police) investigates the complaint that three Yanomami indigenous people were killed by prospectors in their territory, in the midst of a process of suffocation of illegal prospecting, under air traffic control by the FAB (Brazilian Air Force ) and promise of operations to remove invaders.

A denunciation of feita by Júnior Yanomami, president of the Condisi (District Council of Indigenous Health) two Yanomami and Ye’kuana. He is on indigenous land accompanying public health emergency actions, declared by the Lula (PT) government on the last 20th.

According to the denunciation of the Yanomami leadership, three young men were found dead in the region of Homoxi and Parima.

“In order to expedite the report that the death of three Yanomami indigenous people was reported, the Federal Police is already in proceedings in locations related to the events,” he told PF in Roraima, in a note released this second-feira (6). “There are no more information available.”

The police officers were displaced to the Homoxi region, taken by garimpeiros -they took to the pouso runway before used by indigenous health aircraft, they passed to impede or access for the medical teams and played fire in the health unit.

The objective of the two police officers is to talk with the indigenous people, discover what is happening and, in the event of confirmation of two assassinations, identify the locations where the bodies are and collect them, for expertise and destination according to the intention of relatives.

There is a fear, among federal police officers, of the intensification of two conflicts between gold-diggers and indigenous people, due to the suffocation of gold-diggers.

There is also fear of reactions from garimpeiros in Boa Vista (RR), when they begin to move forward with the withdrawal of invaders from indigenous land.

The PF in Roraima also plans to carry out proceedings to investigate the complaint made by Júnior Yanomami that Yanomami adolescents are raped by garimpeiros and pregnant women.

The story was reviewed in Boa Vista by a team from the MDH (Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship), which said that it will carry out a preliminary investigation on what was reviewed.

According to the complaint, 30 pregnant ficaram adolescents after rape by garimpeiros.

The procedures provided for by the MDH only seek details with villages and cities and request an investigation by the PF and the Civil Police of Roraima. Among the details sought is the age of the alleged victims (to know if they had been raped as vulnerable) and if they had, for example, offered food and objects by two alleged aggressors.

Servidores da Funai also look for information about the feita complaint.

In the control of air space, due to the greater presence of the State and the announced decision – even though it is dated – to withdraw two garimpeiros from Yanomami land, they will raise a mobilization of groups of invaders of the territory, who will pass to flee the place or to try to flee from some shape

The prospectors will face inflation by asking us for two clandestine helicopter flights to leave the territory, collected by the prospectors owning aircraft. A single one will cost R$ 15 thousand per person, according to reports of invaders taken in account, not monitored by the PF.

Part two garimpeiros try to go to Venezuela, second members of the PF, and make escape movements turned at the same time to Guyana, distant from the indigenous land.

Part of the territory is on the border with Venezuela. One of the regions most affected by the health crisis, with an explosion of cases of malaria and severe malnutrition, is Auaris, which is next to the border. The illegal gold mine advanced so much, with the collusion and encouragement of Governor Jair Bolsonaro (PL), that it hit the communities of Auaris.

Garimpeiros is trying to leave the indigenous land also in boats. Others say they are ill, unable to leave the territory and with supplies running out.

Caminhadas pela mata become more frequent – called for stranded people – I tied clandestine tracks, in the expectation of you that will allow you to leave the place.

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