Shop fined for selling hot dogs 155 days after their expiration date

The 155 day shelf life sausage found for sale at Local Mini Market in Bradford. (SWNS)

A corner store owner was fined after trying to sell customers expired food, including a sausage that was found to be 155 days past its expiration date.

Local Mini Market, in Bradford, was also found storing beef 35 days past its expiration date and garlic sauce 49 days late, posing a “significant risk” to the public.

Trading Standards discovered the products while conducting a routine inspection of the Thornton Lane store on October 7, 2021.

Former shopkeeper Karim Mohammed Omer Jaff, 36, pleaded guilty to a series of food hygiene charges in Magistrates Court on Thursday.

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A pot of vegetables with a four-day expiration date found for sale at the Local Mini Market.  (swns)

A pot of vegetables with a four-day expiration date found for sale at the Local Mini Market. (swns)

Jaf was charged with four counts of breaching EU laws on food safety and hygiene.

He was fined £207, ordered to pay a contribution of £640 to cover the costs of bringing the case, and a surcharge of £34.

Harjit Ryatt, the accuser, called the articles potentially harmful to human health.

Ryatt said: “During their visit, Trading Standards officials found a number of products that had been displayed for sale that were past their expiration dates.

“Expiration dates are very important, especially with products that are considered highly perishable. Products sold after that date are considered potentially harmful to human health.

“The legislation on this subject is very strict: any food for sale beyond its expiration date can lead to the application.”

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Mo Hussain, defending himself, said it was common for people to debate whether expired food was suitable to eat.

He added: “We had an argument at my house recently about how long past the expiration date it was okay to eat a can of beans.

“The problem is that some products sold after the expiration date may be more dangerous than others.”

Addressing Jaf, the bank’s president, Alison Roberts, said: “We understand that this has been a very difficult time for you, but at the end of the day, the risk to the public from the expiration of these products is significant, particularly meat products. “. .

“One sausage had an expiration date of 155 days, which is a very long period of time.”

Bradford Council prosecuted the case on behalf of Trading Standards.

It was the second time in the past 12 months that Jaf had appeared in court.

In July, he appeared in Bradford Crown Court after Trading Standards found a £28,000 worth of counterfeit cigarettes in his shop in January 2021.

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