The best time to book, according to travel experts

Cheap travel is possible, you just need to know when to book. (fake images)

Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys, but it can take a big toll on your wallet. However, travel cheap is possible, if you know when to book.

With the beginning of the year being the busiest time for travel bookings, as we dream of a vacation in the sun, new research has found exactly when to book your trip to save the most, along with the day of the week in which to travel. the cheapest flights to certain countries.

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Booking a flight six months in advance will get you the best deals, according to Skyscanner’s research, and Tuesday is often the best day to fly out of the UK, depending on your holiday destination.

To find these results, the flight booking platform analyzed data from tens of thousands of flight bookings over the past year to its most popular destinations.

The man walks through the airport with luggage.  (fake images)

It’s usually best to book a flight six months in advance. (fake images)

Check carefully which is the cheapest day to book, which will vary depending on the country chosen. For example, the research found that the cheapest day to fly from London to Lisbon in June is a Monday, while it is cheapest to fly to Milan from London on a Tuesday during the same month.

A recent travel trends report from the platform found that Brits plan to travel as much, if not more, in 2023, but want to book the flights with the best value for money.

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He revealed that if you want to travel to Barcelona from London in July, you need to book 20 weeks in advance. Those wishing to travel to Berlin from Edinburgh in the same month should book 21 weeks in advance to get the best prices, and those traveling from Manchester to Dubai in July should book 24 weeks in advance.

“Most travelers don’t know about some of the simple travel tips and tricks that could unlock big savings, which is more important now than ever,” says Laura Lindsay, Skyscanner’s travel expert.

Dad and son at the airport: Plan ahead for the best-value flights, experts say.  (fake images)

Plan ahead for the best-value flights, experts say. (fake images)

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“This information does not have to be driven by industry rumors – we have access to thousands of data points that drive our recommendations to unlock this information for everyone. When looking for the right price, we know how powerful it is to be informed.”

To help consumers, the site has developed a savings generator that can help you find the best prices for your vacation.

Simply enter the destination you’re traveling from, the destination you’re hoping to travel to, and the month you want to travel in, and the generator will tell you when to book, the average price, and what day to fly.

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