Vidal’s dissatisfaction shows few tests in Flamengo in favor of more rhythm to headlines

Vidal’s revolt is little used by Flamengo and is the tip of the iceberg of a larger problem. Due to the change of technician in the turn of the year, the club virou refers to a natural process of adaptation, aggravated by long fairs and athletes who return long in the best form. For a month, Vítor Pereira needed to focus on giving attention to a time that he played in the Super Cup and will play in the World Cup next week, and for that he has to do fewer experiments that he would like, maintaining a base that we see last year.

In search of a better introduction to the physical evolution within two new concepts that they intend to implement, the Portuguese coach tried few solutions that historically gives preference, and in no place did he try not to greatly alter the structure of Flamengo that won the last titles. Vidal, who won last year as the crown of a championship bowling, came to be seen as an alternative for specific situations, because he is no more that combative player who has succeeded in Europe and in the Chilean team. We saw other reinforcements, among them Pulgar, from the new Chilean generation, who won more chances than the veteran.

Still, Flamengo remains in a structure with a more fixed midfielder – Thiago Maia – and some that try to also play a defensive role – Gerson, Éverton Ribeiro and Arrascaeta. For Vidal to play, it would be necessary at first for a trio to leave. A solution would be to advance Gerson, who also cannot achieve at this time will deliver an expected intensity. A possible alteration would modify a scheme that was given certainty, and was based on the maintenance of the quartet no attack. Shooting Pedro or Gabigol for an entry of more than a midfielder could be a game opportunity or a deeper move that will require adaptation time.

More than Vidal’s entrance or não, is an analysis about like Vítor Pereira’s Flamengo will appear to be more competitive, a feature that was lost in our last months, despite two titles. This item was shown to be the main concern of the new trainer.

– We are starting our processes. We have an atypical pre-season. We don’t have time to work and build things wander because we started playing immediately. It is not easy now to be at a high pace – affirmed VP, aware of the problem.

– When I challenged him, he knew that the time was short for that sequence of decisions. The team has maturity, personalities, players of great games – exalt them, making it clear that no moment is their bet, no talent, for when they have more time to face Flamengo.

without consequence

In a collective interview after a game against Boavista, Pereira minimized not placing Vidal’s trip to the World Cup at risk. The player was irritated when the coach made the last substitutions and saw that he would not enter the field. Logo, he plays the chuteiras in the chão and in the reserve bank. The next day, he apologized.

“I want to apologize for my reaction during the match of ontem for not entering the field. I know that sometimes my temperament won me over, but I saw Flamengo to be happy and to be part of its history,” he said.

The reaction hit his companions by surprise.

– He is a great player, competitive, he wants to play, unfortunately he had a moment of dissatisfaction and ended up showing that. We know that this is not the best time to do it, we were surprised because he is a face of the group, he is always working hard to play Everton Ribeiro.

Vidal’s anger for not entering the field in Flamengo’s game against Boavista, by Estadual, has an explanation of the numbers. The 35-year-old Chilean is the reserve athlete of the team that has less time in the field in erm 2023 under the command of coach Vítor Pereira. Among the substitutes, Vidal is only behind Victor Hugo, who was injured during the State. And the goalkeeper Hugo Souza, who started the season for two planes, and still hasn’t been used. The midfielder started last year with some muscular pains, but performed in just 2 games, for 26 minutes. First, before Bangu, and after the Super Cup final against Palmeiras, Saturday.

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