Woman shocked when husband books her and young son economy class while they fly business class

Wife stayed with two-year-old child in economy cabin (Getty Images)

A woman was surprised to discover that her husband had bought a business class ticket on a flight, but booked her and their young son in economy class.

Writing on the Mumsnet breeding forum, under the thread “AIBU [Am I Being Unreasonable?]”, the woman said that her husband had been traveling a long distance for a work trip, and said that she and her two-year-old son should also come to “tag each other” on a vacation.

She writes: “I only agreed to go if [my son] and i flew premium economy since it’s a long way, i’ll be alone with a small child while [my husband] you are in business class (work paid for by your ticket).

“[He] he said ok no problem he had a lot of points to use. We booked the flights. He told me that he had booked premium.

“Six weeks later, I found out that he lied and basically booked the cheapest economy tickets available (no seat reservation/upgrade option),” he continued.

“I tried calling the airline but premium economy was fully booked one way and there was space the other way but at a cost of £2k so I said no.”

She shared her exasperation that she couldn’t even select better seats in the economy cabin, in which she and her two-year-old son had been assigned middle and aisle seats.

The exasperated mother pointed out that it was a 14-hour flight and therefore would not be an easy experience as a single mother with a two-year-old.

“I have gone mad in myself [husband] because I think he is a selfish idiot who was too tight to reserve a seat reservation when making the reservation. In the meantime, he enjoys it in business class ”.

“AIBU to get him out of business class so he can do his part of nurturing?” asked the exhausted mother.

She added that she was afraid to try to get her son to sleep in a middle seat, since other passengers would likely get up to move or go to the bathroom.

“I doubt we can trade halfway, but I was wondering if you could take [our son] sleep with him since he will be able to lie down? asks Mumsnet users.

Parenting forum users were quick to agree that this was rude on the part of the husband.

“Why are you the one calling and trying to figure this out?” asked one. “Does your husband often treat you with such disrespect? He would not go on vacation ”.

“Obviously only change tickets with [your husband] and if he tries to get close to you, he says he doesn’t know him. He enjoys champagne,” another suggested.

A third said it was a “selfish” move, advising: “Swap seats halfway. He moves to the economy seat for half the trip, you have business class. It is selfish.

Meanwhile, another suggested a way for each of them to get a business-class flight with no kids: “One of you is going economy with [your son] on the way out, and the other on the way back. The only fair way.

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